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EZ Touch is a software package specifically written ‘in-house’ to emulate every operation that used to be expected from a conventional Cash Register.

EZ Touch is simple to program, simple to operate and most importantly allows our customers easy programming and total control of Point of Sale planning.

The Bar printer can be linked up to a maximum of 8 Point of Sale terminals at any one time.

An additional Kitchen Printer, together with a Table Tracking module allows for Bar Tabs to be transferred to Table Tabs. Restaurant sales can now be transferred to a table tab, and then if required a table transfer can be made from a table tab to a table tab.

In this configuration cashing off procedures include:

:: Going Dutch
:: Split billing – item by item
:: Promotional sales functions

For Pubs & Hotels with small numbers of letting rooms (1-15), a simple upgrade to EZ Touch turns the basic system into a sophisticated accommodation accounting system.

With this upgrade the EZ Touch system has the ability to store values to designated Room Tabs.  EZ Touch can also be used by the Pub Landlord to produce customer billing at check out.

5 (rack) rates, for each room, can be configured on installation, with very simple price changing arrangements available for the future.

Daily charging is possible, on a pre-defined timed or manual basis for each of the occupied rooms.

For an “on line” demonstration showing how easy it is to make changes click on the example required.

Adding and Amending Products

Price changing
Arrangement of Key tops – positioning, sizing, colour and font size

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